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Compliance – How Confident Do You Feel?

Aug/29 By

Let me ask to simple Question: Is Your Company Compliant with all applicable laws? If the answer to that is anything other than Yes then you must ponder whether the risk of non-compliance

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GST Compliance Calendar

Jun/18 By

GST Compliance Calendar is now published on CompliCheck. Following are the key dates: 10th Of Every Month: TDS & Outward Return for the previous month (Section 51 & 37 respectively) GSTR- 1 (Outward) GSTR-7 (TDS)


Aftermath of the 2017 Assembly Elections

Mar/20 By

The verdict is out and the mandate is very clear. People stood with the Government agenda of Reform. With the biggest electoral test cleared, the Government Of India is poised

ROC Complicheck

ROC Compliance for every Pvt. Ltd Company

Mar/4 By

Following is the list of ROC compliance that every company must adhere to: Appointment of Auditor Auditor will be appointed for the 5 (Five) years and form ADT-1 will be


Will Our Politicians Allow Labour Reforms?

Feb/4 By

One of the key reform measure of making India a better place for doing business, the Government of India has considering allowing companies of up to 300 employees to lay


Non Compliance is Like Driving without Insurance

Jan/28 By

Staying Compliant helps companies avoid risks like Imprisonment of Directors Heavy Fines Loss of Business Reputation Cancellation of Licenses/Registration High Litigation Costs It is better for companies to understand the


Why Companies Are Constantly Worried About Compliance?

Jan/16 By

Until a few months ago, Compliance was not considered serious concern for a business. By outsourcing or automating their payroll companies often felt at ease that they have taken care


2016 – The Achievements of Ministry of Labour

Dec/27 By

Achievements and initiatives of the Ministry Of Labour & Employment The Government of India is following the approach of ‘Reform to Transform’ through far-reaching structural reforms. Employment Generation is the


IOT – Allowing Backdoor Entry to Hackers?

Dec/23 By

Everyone is talking about IOT (internet of Things) as the next big thing in the technology space. No doubt IOT has the capability of transforming the way we are able


Not Complying Yet? Modi Government is watching you

Dec/17 By

Before the decision to demonetise the currency, Modi Government gave amnesty and legal path to declare black money. Suddenly out of nowhere came the decision to demonetise. The impact was